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The Future of Thermodynamics of Computation

It is a truth universally acknowledged that computing requires energy from the scale of the nanometer transistor in your phone CPU to data centers that rack up power bills exceeding some countrie’s GDP.

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An Algorithm can make T20 great again

Both semifinals in the T20 world cup have gone with the toss, reinforcing the point that T20 cricket outcome is decided by the toss. I have a proposal to make T20 great again.

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climate change

Threat of Climate Change

The need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels threatens energy security. Frequent extreme weather events will challenge food production for a growing world population.Technology got us into this hole, but it is also one of the tools we have to get out.

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Importance of Biotech

You can’t engineer a horse. You can domesticate it, harness it to a chariot. You can breed it and obtain traits more to your liking. You can build technology around it like shodding and saddle and bridle to allow you to get more out of it, possibly helping you to conquer the world.

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Scientific Publications and Lectures


SIAM Mathematics of data science (MDS20) distinguished lecture series: David L. Donoho

June 29, 2020

Compressed Sequencing

A compressed sensing approach to
group testing for covid-19

July 1, 2020

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