Tapestry: A Molecular Search Technology


Molecular tests are the Ctrl-F of the physical world, they are great at finding a needle in a haystack! Our software technology, Tapestry, is a search engine for the physical world: when there are a large number of haystacks, and most of them have no needles, Tapestry is able to find the haystacks with needles and tell you how many needles are in each haystack, for a fraction of the tests required. The best part about Tapestry is that it works with various different kinds of molecular tests: PCR, Sequencing, Mass Spectrometry, you name it!

To fix ideas, suppose there are 1000 samples that need to be tested for a target. Ordinarily this would require 1000 individual tests. If each sample is to be tested in triplicate, it would require 3000 individual tests. Tapestry is able to provide triplicate testing for each sample with a total of only 100 tests performed. A preprocessing step makes sure each sample is represented 3 times among the 100 pools to be tested. Our AI algorithm performs deconvolution so that the final results are concordant with individual testing.

Our transdisciplinary team has built not just algorithms,based on novel IP,but also the last-mile solutioning required to make a usable solution that can be deployed without additional capital expenditure. Prominent scientific news publications like Nature, American Mathematical Society, Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics have spotlighted our innovation. The technology has been successfully validated and we have obtained regulatory approval from DCGI as well as CE mark for in vitro diagnostics for European Union.



Patents Filed


Samples Tested


Cost Savings





Novel single-round Algorithmic Pooling scheme
Quantitative or qualitative results for every sample

Every sample tested at least thrice

Tests are done in accredited testing labs. Every sample included in multiple pools. Each pool is tested

Pool results fed into the patented Tapestry recovery algorithm

We onboarded 8 lab partners and conducted 25000+ sample screening using Tapestry

Algorithm solves and obtains results for every sample

Validated to be concordant with individual sample testing


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