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Molecular tests are great at finding a needle in a haystack. Tapestry is great in situations where there are many haystacks and most of them have no needles. Tapestry is able to find the haystacks with needles in very few tests in a single round of testing. Not just that, we can tell you how many needles are in each haystack without any additional testing.

This problem has eluded the efforts of several groups for the past two decades. Our transdisciplinary team has succeeded by building not just novel algorithms but also the last-mile solutioning required to make this usable without any additional capital expenditure. Prominent scientific news publications like Nature, American Mathematical Society, Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics have spotlighted our innovation. The Covid19 pandemic opened a fast-track window allowing us to successfully validate the technology and obtain regulatory and international quality approvals.

Tapestry works like a clever game of twenty questions. Instead of asking if a particular haystack has a needle, a question is put to collections of haystacks. This way, the result of one single molecular test contains information about multiple haystacks. Every haystack is queried multiple times. The questions are arranged based on ideas from coding theory. This builds in redundancy and ensures high accuracy while keeping the number of tests to be performed much smaller than the number of samples being tested. We combine a science-based modeling of the underlying molecular assay with cutting-edge inference methods, last-mile solutioning, and robust training and support to make Tapestry easy to use.

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